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No being is greater than the next, we are equal, and that each one of us has a responsibility to the balance of the system.

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This nation's purpose being to provide a space to share bits and pieces of the collective story that we all share. In that light, it's meant to be non-partisan; people of all political stripes are welcomed and encouraged to debate on its threads - partisan attacks (Cons are !"£$; Liberals are !"£$; Libertarians are !"£$, and so on) are neither welcome nor tolerated. We all share this land, this world; we all have a responsibility to maintaining the balance, and that means that sometimes, often, we are going to disagree. And that's fine, but we have a responsibility to hear the other out, respectfully.

Our symbol is the Mi'kmaq 8-pointed star. It's an old symbol. It's a symbol signifying the union of different elements - districts of a nation, peoples, ideologies - into something greater. Much as we are as a people.

In keeping with the responibility and community theme, nobody is going to be singled out with special powers in this nation. All members will have administrative powers. If a member abuses those powers, it is expected that the other members will sort that person out. But it's expected that members, as members, will not be abusive of such powers.